2009 Che Guevara Conference

FRIDAY JUNE 26 - 7pm - 10pm

7:00pm Indigenous Welcoming
7:20pm Poetry Reading
7:35pm Opening of the 2nd International Che Guevara Conference
7:50pm Cuba: A Revolution in Motion & what we need to learn from the Cuban Revolution Keynote Speaker: Isaac Saney
9:20pm Discussion
9:50pm Evening Closing


SATURDAY JUNE 27 -  9am - 8pm

9:00-10:15am Registration and Breakfast
10:15-10:30am Conference Welcoming and Proceedings
10:30-11:00am Film - Pre-Revolutionary Cuba
11:00-12:30pm Roots and Causes of the Cuban Revolution ~ Walter Lippmann
12:30-2:00pm The Early Years of the Cuban Revolution: Guerrilla Warfare, Socialist Revolution, Challenges and Progress ~ Jorge Soberon
2:00-2:30pm Lunch
2:30-3:30pm The Cuban Revolution and Women's Liberation: A Revolution Within a Revolution ~ Lisa Valenti
3:30-5:00pm US Imperialism and the Cuban Revolution: Socialism, the Blockade, and the Five Cuban Heroes ~ Gloria La Riva
5:00-5:30pm Dinner
5:30-8:00pm Special Film Presentation: Cuba and Latin America: A Journey Through Film


SUNDAY JUNE 28  - 9am -  9pm

9:00-9:15am Breakfast
9:15-10:30am Film - "A Cuban Story"
10:30-12:30pm Cuba and Human Rights: Achievements and Fundamental Progress in Social Equality ~ Alison Bodine & Tamara Hansen
12:30-12:45pm Film: New Documentary on LGBT Rights in Cuba
12:45-1:45pm The Cuban Revolution and Homosexual Rights: Revolutionary Leadership Rectifies Itself ~ Nita Palmer
1:30-2:00pm Lunch
2:00-3:30pm Cuba: Participatory Democracy and Elections in the 21st Century ~ Arnold August
3:30-4:45pm Revolutionary Cuba and the question of leadership: What working class fighters can learn ~ Ali Yerevani
4:45-5:00pm Break
5:00-6:30pm Revolutionary resistance and recovery: the collapse of the Soviet Union, the special period and the tourist industry ~ Jorge Soberon
7:00-9:00pm Cultural Evening and Celebration of Five Years of the work of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba