6th International 
Che Guevara Conference 

 Cuba, A Socialist project in progress

January 23-26 2015
Vancouver and Kamloops, Canada 

With Special Guests:

World-renowned lecturer on Cuba, pediatrician, author and daughter of legendary revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara.

Author of “notes on Cuban economy”, researcher and 
Professor at the University of Havana. Former Cuban 
Minister of economy and planning and a former vice President of the Cuban council of ministers.

►►Friday, January 23, 8:00 PM

Celebration Of The Freedom Of Our 5 Cuban Heroes:
With Cuban Legend Gerardo Alfonso Live In Concert

Location: Ukrainian Cultural Centre | 805 East Pender St
Corner of Pender & Hawks - 1 Block South Of Hastings St  

Since the triumph of Cuba’s 1959 revolution to today, the vision and political ideas that shape the Cuban revolution remain a source of inspiration, discussion and debate around the world. Through the ideas of Fidel, Che, the Cuban socialist project, and the dynamics of the mass revolutionary movement, Cuba has become a country renowned for its achievements in health, education, culture, science and many other aspects of social and human progress. The Cuban socialist project and the Cuban revolutionary leadership, despite 50 years of an inhuman and criminal blockade by consecutive US administrations, have never wavered to imperialist pressure.

The annual International Che Guevara Conference is an opportunity to discuss and debate the ideas of the Cuban revolution, its dynamism and how it has impacted Latin America and the world. 

The First International Che Conference in 2008 was on the theme “Che Guevara, Thinker and Fighter: Are His Ideas Relevant for the 21st Century?” The Second International Che Conference in 2009 was on “50 Years of Dynamism of the Cuban Revolution”. The Third International Che Conference in 2010 was on “Cuba & Revolutionary Internationalism.” The Fourth International Che Conference in 2011 was on “Cuba Today - The Gains & Challenges.”

The 2012 International Che Guevara Conference discussed the most important changes Cuba has seen in the last fifty years, since Fidel’s Second Declaration of Havana, in 1961. Titled, “Cuba’s Reforms: Capitalism or Socialism” investigated with the participation of 6 Cuban guests including Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, the roots of current reforms in Cuba and their future prospects and challenges.

In 2015 the Che Conference returns with, “Cuba, a Socialist Project in Progress: What’s at Stake” which aims to delve deeper into what has made the Cuban Socialist Revolution successfully move forward and how it is evolving today. 

Organized by:
Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC)